New Version of SophistimaCalc Coming Soon with Graphics Screen and Graphing

Updated iphone/ipod touch version now approved: download here

Updated ipad version also approved: download ipad

Check it out (iphone/ipod touch and ipad videos):

9 thoughts on “New Version of SophistimaCalc Coming Soon with Graphics Screen and Graphing

  1. Good app. Like the graphics addition.

    Factorial function for large values would be nice…see gamma fn
    or log gamma

    ask”input x “,x

    Should give ~0.5 for x=23.

  2. Here’s a general plotting routine

    mem xmin=-1
    mem xmax=4
    mem ymin=-10
    mem ymax=10
    mem a=200/(xmax-xmin)
    mem b =-a*xmin
    mem c=200/(ymax-ymin)
    mem d=-c*ymin
    mem del =0.05
    mem x=xmin
    mem x2=0
    mem f1=fx
    mem x1=x
    graph a*xmin+b,d,a*xmax+b,d,b
    graph b,c*ymin+d,b,c*ymax+d,b
    repeat 7 x2<xmax
    mem x=x+del
    mem f2=fx
    mem x2=x
    graph a*x1+b,c*f1+d,a*x2+b,c*f2+d,r
    mem x1=x2
    mem f1=f2

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  4. Can you turn input screen off and enlarge output screen when I load a program? Why you ask? Because I will be programming multiple iPhones at my company and I don’t want anyone editing the program before or after execution. Is this possible?


    • Hi Mike. Someone had an idea for user created buttons to launch programs without the programs having to appear in the input window. Would this suite your needs?

  5. I believe that is what I’m referring to. Although I would need to see an example.

    Hi again,

    My main concern is to keep the code intact. With the current setup, anyone can change code even on accident. Also some of my programs have multiple outputs for results that is why I asked for a larger results screen footprint. I realize you can finger scroll, but it’s just a convenience. Thanks again. MikeS

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